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CHF 45.00

Go further, higher, longer!

Register to access unique trails that you won’t find on the maps, designed exclusively for you by our team of local bike professionals.

With the Parcours Decouverte experience, each person can take advantage of what an e-bike can offer, reach new heights, and go beyond their usual distances, while having the opportunity to stop for photos or simply to admire the view. Day tours suitable for all levels, from beginners to the most experienced await.

All trails are starting from Verbier. Bring your own bike or rent one from us, a great adventure is waiting for you.

Not sure what to expect from the different Discovery Trail Levels? Check this video to learn more.

Not sure which gourmet trail to choose? Visit our website to find out more about each trail.



Trail The choice of the trail is not definitive. You can change it by sending us an e-mail. The trails are classified in order of difficulty.

E-Bike Rental

CHF 40.00

The model and brand are assigned by the organizer according to availability.

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Verbier E-Bike Festival 2024